Species details
Scientific name: Anagyrus mirzai
Author(s): Agarwal and Alam
Synonyms: Anagyrus mirzai Agarwal and Alam, 1959
Anagyrus mirzai Agarwal, 1965
Anagyrus delhiensis Subba Rao & Rai, 1970
Anagyrus gunturiensis Shafee, Alam & Agarwal, 1975
Common names: Parasitic wasp (English),
Porojibee boltaa (Bangla)
Classification: Kingdom Animalia  
  Phylum Arthropoda  
  Class Insecta  
  Subclass Pterygota  
  Superorder -  
  Order Hymenoptera  
  Superfamily Chalcidoidea  
  Family Aphelinidae  
  Genus Anagyrus  
Basis of record: Repository - IMZCU
Host: Parasitic on Planococcus pacificus Cox and was found only once during May, 1984 from a field collection on guava in Chittagong. Agarwal (1969) reported that this species to parasitize Pseudococcus citri Risso, a citrus mealybug. The species was also recor
Bangladesh; India, Pakistan and Jordan (Noyes, 1998).
Noyes, J. S. 1998. Catalogue of Chalcidoidea of the World. CD-ROM Series, ETI, Amsterdam, Netherlands (ISBN 3-540-14675-X).
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Latest taxonomic scrutiny: 2008-08-25 (yyyy-mm-dd)