Species details
Scientific name: Anagyrus tibimaculatus
Author(s): Agarwal
Synonyms: Anagyrus tibimaculatus Agarwal, 1965
Common names: Parasitic wasp (English),
Porojibee boltaa (Bangla)
Classification: Kingdom Animalia  
  Phylum Arthropoda  
  Class Insecta  
  Subclass Pterygota  
  Superorder -  
  Order Hymenoptera  
  Superfamily Chalcidoidea  
  Family Aphelinidae  
  Genus Anagyrus  
Basis of record: Repository - IMZCU
Sex: Female
Host: Parasitic on Planococcus lilacinus (Cockerell); Planococcus robustus on Mango (Shafee et al. 1975); Planococcus citri on Citrus limonum (Agarwal, 1965).
Bangladesh, India.
Agarwal, M. M. 1965. Taxonomy of encyrtid parasites (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea) of Indian Coccoidea. Acta Hymenopterologica. 2(2): 49 - 50.

Shafee, S. A., Alam, M. and Agarwal, M. M. 1975. Taxonomic survey of encyrtid parasites (Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae) in India. Aligarh Muslim University Publication, Zoological Series on Indian Insect Types. 10: iii + 125pp.
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