Species details
Scientific name: Anagyrus mangicola
Author(s): Noyes
Synonyms: Anagyrus mangicola Noyes, 1990
Common names: Parasitic wasp (English),
Porojibee boltaa (Bangla)
Classification: Kingdom Animalia  
  Phylum Arthropoda  
  Class Insecta  
  Subclass Pterygota  
  Superorder -  
  Order Hymenoptera  
  Superfamily Chalcidoidea  
  Family Aphelinidae  
  Genus Anagyrus  
Basis of record: Repository - IMZCU
Sex: Female
Host: Ferrisia virgata, Planococcus lilacinus, P. pacificus and Rastrococcus invadens (present study); Parasitic on Rastrococcus invadens Williams (Noyes, 1990; Cross and Moore, 1992; Neuenschwander, et al., 1994; Narasimham and Chacko, 1998).
Bangladesh, India., Indonesia (Sulawesi); Gabon (introduced).
Bhuiya, B. A, Chowdhury, S. H. and Kabir, S. M. H. 1997. An annotated list of chalcid parasitoids (Hymenoptera) of coccoidea (Homoptera) on guava in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Journal of Zoology. 25(1): 53-64.

Noyes, J. S. 1990a. A new species of Anagyrus (Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae) from India attacking Rastrococcus invadens (Homoptera: Pseudococcidae), a pest of mango and citrus in West Africa. Bull. Ent. Res. 80(2): 203 -207.
Additional data: In Bangladesh this parasitoid was first recorded by this author in 1984 from Patiya, Chittagong, as an undescribed species of Anagyrus. The specimen was later described by J. S. Noyes of the Natural History Museum, London as Anagyrus mangicola (Noyes, 1990a; Bhuiya et al., 1997). Specimens collected from Bangladesh and India were reared in England and in Bangladesh. The Bangladeshi specimens were included as paratypes and were deposited in BMNH (Noyes, 1990a).
Latest taxonomic scrutiny: 2008-08-16 (yyyy-mm-dd)