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  Workshop/ Seminar

Chittagong International Biodiversity Conference 2007
Date: 22-24 May 2007

Theme: Biodiversity and Climate Change
The United Nations has proclaimed May 22, the International Day for Biological Diversity, to increase understanding and awareness of biodiversity issues. Biodiversity is the source of the essential goods and ecological services that constitute the source of life for all. The celebration each year of the International Day for Biological Diversity is an occasion to reflect on our responsibility to safeguard this precious heritage for future generations.

List of Foreign Delegates
Meeting summary of CIBC 2007
COMMUNIQUE by participants
Conference Excursion
Activities of BioNET-SACNET-BRGB and Acknowledgements to sponsors of CBIC 2007

Biodiversity Workshop of BRGB

The first National Workshop of the Biodiversity Research Group of Bangladesh (BRGB) took place on 7 Janury 2002, hosted by the Instute of Forestry and Environmental Sciences and jointly sponsored by University of Chittagong and BioNET-INTERNATIONAL. The workshop sought a consensus from a wide range of biodiversity practitioners on the best approaches to meeting the priority for taxonomic information and expertise needs especially to enable Bangladesh to implement the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), including its Global Taxonomy Initiative (GTI)

Participants included over 70 biodiversity information users and a broad range of taxonomic experts from throughout Bangladesh, representing many of the national environmental management agencies such as the Bangladesh National Herbarium (BNH), IUCN, Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council (BARC), Bangladesh Forest Research Institute (BFRI), Department of Forest (DoF), Universities, etc.

All present at the workshop were both delighted and honoured by the participation of two Government Ministers, Mr. Shajahan Siraj MP and Alhaj Jafrul Islam Chowdhury MP, from the Ministry of Environment and Forest. Both Ministers spoke strongly in support of the establishment of SACNET, the South Asian Countries Network for Taxonomy, and anticipated its important role in helping South Asian countries achieve self-reliance in identifying and understanding the relationship of all organisms. The meeting was presided over by Professor Md. Fazlee Hossain, Vice Chancellor of Chittagong University while Professor Dr. Mohammad Shamsuddin, Pro Vice Chancellor of Chittagong University and Dr. Mohammad Nurul Alam, Executive Chairman of the Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council (BARC) were present as special guests

Recommendations of the 1st workshop

  • To link and co-ordinate among researchers, institutions, government focal points and donor agencies.
  • To strengthen taxonomic skills and resources.
  • National Biodiversity Resource Center be established in Chittagong which could appropriately be designated as the Bangladesh National Taxonomic Reference Center, as recommended by CBD-SBSTTA (may evolve as a National Museum of Natural History).
  • SACNET (the South Asian Network for Taxonomy) should be established by Govt. of Bangladesh in collaboration with other SAARC countries in support of CBD.
  • The National SACNET Secretariat should be established at IFESCU which may act as National Co-ordinating Institute (NACI).
  • To make link and close co-operation with the International organizations for taxonomy through different initiatives.
  • To prepare an up-to-date List of Microbes, Flora and Fauna of Bangladesh.
  • To promote and strengthen taxonomy in the country.

Bird & Bird Habitat Conservation Workshop

A three day training workshop on Bird and Bird Habitat Conservation of the Potenga Sea Shore and Chittagong University Campus was organized under the leadership of eminent bird lover, Mr. Enam Ul Haque. In all 65 students took training on various aspects of bird watching and conservation. At least 20 teachers from different department of Chittagong University including scientists from BFRI and the Department of Forest participated. At this time an Avifauna Research Team of Chittagong was formed under the joint leadership of professor Dr. Ghazi S. M. Asmat and Mr. Mokhlesur Rahman.

Two separate checklists of birds of Chittagong University Campus and Patenga sea shore was prepared after the three day workshop.

BRGB observed World Biodiversity Day on 22 May 2002

The world Biodiversity Day was observed by holding a day long Seminer on 22nd May 2002. The theme the seminar was "State of Biodiversity in Bangladesh" which was held at the premises of IFESCU. The Seminer was inaugurated by the Honourable State Minister for Environment and Forest Alhaj Jafrul Islam Chowdhury, MP, as the Chief Guest.

Honourable Secretary, Ministry of Science and Information and Communication Technology Mr. Karar Mahmudul Hassan, Professor A J M Nuruddin Chowdhury, Vice-Chancellor and Professor Dr. Mohammed Shamsuddin, Pro-Vice-Chancellor both of Chittagong University,
were present as Special Guests.

Professor Dr. Mahmud-ul-Ameen, President of the Zoological Society of Bangladesh presented the keynote paper. More than 70 delegates from different universities, research institutes and NGOs of the country participated at the Seminar. A total of 20 scientific papers on various aspects of biodiversity were presented in two different scientific sessions.

Species Diversity Seminar

A one day seminar was jointly organized by BRGB and British American Tobacco Bangladesh at the premises of Institute of Forestry and Environmental Sciences on 7 January, 2003. State Minister for Environment and Forest Mr. Jafrul Islam Chowdhury MP inaugurated the seminar. The theme of the seminar was "Species Diversity in Bangladesh".
More than 65 delegates from different universities, research institutes and NGOs of the country attended the seminar. A total of 15 original scientific papers on different disciplines of biodiversity were presented in two different scientific sessions.

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