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Sciencific name Synonyms Common names
Coccophagus pseudococci Coccophagus pseudococci Compere,
Coccophagus manii Agarwal, 1964
Coccophagus indicus Agarwal, 1964
Coccophagus zebratulus Subba Rao and Rai, 1969
Coccophagus coorgensis Subba Rao and Rai, 1969
Parasitic wasp (English), Porojibee boltaa (Bangla)
Encarsia smithi Prospaltella smithi Silvestri, 1926 Encarsia smithi (Silvestri): Viggiani & Mazzone, 1979. Parasitic wasp (English), Porojibee boltaa (Bangla)
Encyrtus albidus Encyrtus albidus Hayat, 1970 Parasitic wasp (English),
Porojibee boltaa (Bangla)
Encyrtus aurantii Cynipis aurantii Geoffroy, 1785
Comys lecaniorum Mayr, 1876
Encyrtus barbatus Timberlake, 1919
Eucomys lecaniorum (Mayr): Gahan, 1919
Encyrtus ceroplastis Agarwal, 1965
Encyrtus aurantii Geoffroy, 1994
Parasitic wasp (English),
Porojibee boltaa (Bangla)
Marietta leopardina Marietta leopardina Motschulsky, Perissopterus javensis Howard, Marietta javensis indi Girault, Marietta exitiosa Compere, Perissopterus cheriani Mani, Marietta habrolepidis Ghesquière Parasitic wasp (English), Porojibee boltaa (Bangla)

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