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  Badrul Amin Bhuiya CV

MSc. (University of Dhaka), DIC (Imperial College, London), PhD (University of Chittagong, Bangladesh), FZSB                                                        
Former Professor,  Department of Zoology
University of Chittagong, Bangladesh
Email: badrulbhuiyabrep@gmail.com, badrulbhuiya@brgb.org
Tel. +880 31 2566470 (Home); Cell: +880 1712031329
Former  Registar, University of Science & Technology Chittagong (USTC)

Born in 1949  in  Dhaka  City, Bangladesh.
Father’s Name:  Late Abdus Salam Bhuiya
Mother’s Name: Late Hasina  Banu

Permanent Address:    51 Distillery Road, Gandaria, Dhaka – 1204.
Religion: Islam.


Educational qualifications:
Ph.D onInsect Taxonomy and Diversity  from  the University  of  Chittagong,  Bangladesh in 2010.
PgDip(DICbythesis) on Taxonomic Review of InsectsfromtheImperial College,London in 1996.
M.Sc.(by Thesis) inZoologyfromthe UniversityofDhaka, Bangladeshin1972 (awarded in 1974).

Teaching Experiences:(40 years – 1975 - 2014):
University of Chittagong, Department of Zoology: Served asLecturer (1975 – 1981); Assistant Professor (1981 – 1987); Associate Professor (1987 – 1997); Professor since 1997to 2014.

Taught Courses:
General Zoology, Environmental Sciences, Biodiversity, Entomology, Agricultural Entomology, Veterinary Entomology, Forest Entomology, Biological Control of crop pests with beneficial parasitic insects, Taxonomy, Fisheries, Wildlife Biology and Bioinformatics &DNA barcoding.

Administrative Experiences:

  • Registrar, University of Science and Technology Chittagong (USTC), September, 2015– March, 2018.
  • Chairman, Gulmeher Hall Management Committee, USTC since January, 2016- 2018.
  • As Chairman, ledtheDepartmentin CU two times (3 months in1983 and 3 years from1989 to1992).
  • As Assistant Proctor and Proctor (in Charge), assisted University administration (1988 – 1989).
  • As House Tutor, Shahjalal Hall, University of Chittagong (1988).
  • EstablishedanINSECTMUSEUM intheDepartmentofZoology,Universityof Chittagong.
  • Established a DNABarcoding & Molecular Taxonomy Lab.DeparttofZool.,Univ.of Chittagong.

International Research Project leadership:

  • Team Leader:Chittagong-London Link Research Projecton Hymenoptera Systematics.Funded by OverseasDevelopmentAgency (ODA), Government of United Kingdom, London,forathreeyear collaborative research at the Natural History Museum, Londonwith ImperialCollege, London and the University ofChittagong, Bangladesh (1993-1996).
  • Project Director: MolecularTaxonomyandDNA Barcodingofapestandparasitoid group of insects of agricultural importance in Bangladesh (2008 – 2014). Funded by USDABiotechAgricultural ResearchProject,Washington,D.C.toconduct a collaborativeresearch.

 National Research Project leadership:

  • Project Director: Establishment of Insect Museum in the Department of Zoology, University of Chittagong, Funded by the Ministry of Science & Technology, GoB.(1998 – 2000).
  • Project Director:   Insect Biodiversity of the Saint Martin’s Island, Bangladesh, Funded by the UGC. (2001-2002).

Professional Experiences:

In 2001 launched aTaxonomy and Biodiversty conservation initiativein Bangladesh under BRGB.

Launched aDNABarcoding & Molecular Taxonomy initiativein Bangladesh under BanglaBOL.

Research Experiences: (49 years since 1972).Recorded morethan435speciesofbeneficial parasiticinsectsfromBangladesh.


  • Described 3 Encyrtid&22 Ipiuaulax of beneficial insects from Bangladesh whichare newtoscience(Publications):

Boucek, Z. & Bhuiya, B.A.  1990. A new genus and species of Pteromalidae (Hymenoptera) attacking mealybugs and soft scales (Hemiptera: Coccoidea) on guava in Bangladesh. Entomologist’s  Monthly  Magazine,126: 231?235.
Bhuiya, B.A. 1998. Two new species of Encyrtidae  (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea) from Bangladesh attacking PulvinariapsidiiMaskell (Homoptera: Coccidae)on guava. Oriental Insects, 32: 266-267.
Amoret, P. W., Bhuiya, B. A., Fitton, M. G. and Quicke, D. L. J. 2007. The Oriental and Indo-Australian species of the parasitic wasp genus IphiaulaxFoerster (Insecta, Hymenoptera, Braconidae)J. Taxon. Biodiv. Res. 1(2): 11- 44.
Research Supervision:

  • Supervisedmanystudents atMS,MPhiland PhD degree levels.
  • PhD Theses evaluated: 2 from DU; 2 from RU and 1 from JU
  • PhD theses examined :
  • Many from Dhaka University,
  • several from Rajshahi University,
  • 2 from Jahangirnagar University,
  • 1 from Aligarh Muslim University, India and
  • 1 from Pondicherry University, India.
  • PhD Theses supervised and examined: Three (03)

a)         DrMdHabibur Rahman, Chittagong University
b)         Dr Sheikh Abdul Mannan, DLO, Khagrachhari
c)         DrMahmuda Begum, TTC, Chittagong

Visiting fellowships:

  • Commonwealth InstituteofEntomology(CIE),London,UK(1985).
  • TheNaturalHistoryMuseum,London(NHM),UK (1988,1990,1991,1994,1995-1996,1998,2000,2001,2004,2007,2009and 2011).
  • National TaichungMuseum(NTM), inTaiwan(2005).
  • TheNational MuseumofNaturalHistory(NMNH), attheSmithsonian Institution,Washington D.C.,USA(2007,2009 and2011),

Research Collaborators:
Dr.Z.Boucek of CABInternational,London,UK and Dr.JohnS.Noyesof the NHM,London,UK,Dr. JohnLaSalle,Dr.MikeFitton,Dr.DavidNotton,andDr.GavinBroad(allof NHM,London); Dr. DonaldQuicke(Imperial College,London),Dr. AndrewPolaszek(ICZN),Dr. Michael Gates,Dr.SonjaScheffer, Dr.RobertKula,Dr.MattBuffingtonandMr.Matt Lewis(SEL,NMNH,USA); Dr.KuangTsaoShaoand Dr.JengTzeYang(Taiwan),and Dr.Junko Shimura(Japan).

ResearchConsultancy experiences:
Worked as a Consutant for:

  • Living Marine Aquarium under the Conservation of Biodiversity, Marine Park Establishment & Ecotourism Development Project at Saint Martin’s Islands funded by the Ministry of Environment & Forest of the Government of Bangladesh.
  • Biodiversity Risk and Opportunity Assessment (BROA-Version 1), conducted by BATB Limited in Bangladesh during 2010.
  • Biodiversity Risk and Opportunity Assessment (BROA-Version 2), conducted by BATB Limited in Bangladesh during 2014.

Managerial Experiences:

  • 1994:OrganizedaweeklongTaxonomyTrainingcourseonparasiticHymenopteraat theUniversityofChittagong withtwo British scientistsDr. Donald Quickeand Dr.MikeFittonas Resource Persons  and  trained 22 scientists from different universities and research institutions of the countrywith thefinancialsupportof TheBritishCouncil, Dhaka.
  • 2007:Organized a3 dayslongseparate TaxonomyTrainingcoursesonInsects,Birdsand PlantsattheUniversityofChittagongwiththreescientists(Dr.TzengTzeYangof Taiwan,Mr. EnamUlHaque of Bangladesh Bird Cluband Dr.SangeetaRajbhandary ofNepalasResource Persons and trained 70 teachers and studentsfrom differentuniversities and collegesofthe country.
  • 2012: Organized a 4 days long DNA Barcoding Training course at the Chittagong Veterinary and Animal SciencesUniversitywithDr. Shankar Kumar Ghoshof AssamUniversity, India asResource Person and trained 24 teachersfrom differentuniversities,collegesand research institutes of the country.
  • 2014: Organized a 4 days long DNA Barcoding Training Workshop at the Chittagong UniversitywithDr.JoyrajBhattacharjeeof AssamUniversity, India and Dr. ShantanuChakrabarty asResource Persons and trained 22 teachersfrom differentuniversities,collegesand research institutes of the country.
  • Evaluated project proposals at the Ministry of Science & Technology (1998 & 2000); Ministry of Education (2013) and University grants Commission (HEQEP, 2014).

Research Done

  • Biodiversity Survey of the Chittagong City Corporation – A Pilot Project appoved by Mayor of Chittagong City Corporation (2018).
  • TaxonomyonparasiticHymenoptera, Funded by British Council Dhaka (1993-1996).
  • DNABarcoding & Molecular Taxonomyof leafminer pests, Funded by USDA (2008-2011).

Recipientof Fellowships and Grants:

  • CommonwealthFundfor Technical CooperationAwardtopursuetrainingonTaxonomyof Insectsand Mitesof AgriculturalImportanceat the CommonwealthInstituteof Entomology, London, UK in 1985 (49 weeks).
  • BritishCouncilBursaryin1988 topursue research at the NaturalHistory Museum, London (3 months).
  • BritishCouncilFellowshipin1995topursuepostgraduateresearchattheNaturalHistory Museum andImperialCollege, London (1 year).
  • OverseasDevelopmentAgency (ODA)Grant,Government of United Kingdom, London,(UK£100,000)forathreeyear collaborative research at the Natural History Museum, Londonwith ImperialCollege, London and the University of Chittagong, Bangladesh (1993-1996).
  • Visiting Scientist’s Research  Grant (US$ 4,000) of the Smithsonian Institution at the Systematic Entomology Laboratory, Washington,D.C. in 2007 (1 month).
  • USDABiotechAgricultural ResearchGrant,Washington,D.C.(US$182,000)toconduct a collaborativeresearchonMolecularTaxonomyandDNA Barcodingofapestandparasitoid group of insects of agricultural importancein Bangladesh (2008 – 20014).
  • Fellowof the ZoologicalSociety of Bangladesh (FZSB) in 2012.

Achievements and awards:

  • Founder Chairman, BiodiversityResearch Group of Bangladesh (BRGB)(since 2001), (www.brgb.org).
  • FounderEditor-in-Chief,JournalofTaxonomyandBiodiversityResearch,publishedby Greenleaf International, Chittagong-London-New York (www.jtbr.brgb.bd).
  • Founder Convener, BanglaBOLForum: Aforum of DNAbarcoding scientists (www.banglabol.bd).
  • Elected Vice Chair,Species 2000AsiaOceania(2007).
  • NationalCoordinatorforBioNET-SACNETinBangladeshforthedevelopmentoftaxonomy and biodiversity researchNominated by MoEF,Dhaka, Bangladesh).
  • Recipient ofmanyinternationalfinancial awardstovisitandmake presentationsonresearch achievementsinUK,USA, Japan,Taiwan,SouthAfrica,Malaysia,Thailand,HongKong, India, Mexico, China and Canada.

Membership of Professional Societies:

  • Zoological Society of Bangladesh (ZSB) since 1975.
  • Bangladesh Entomological Society (BES) since 1980.
  • BioNET International since 1995.
  • Species 2000 since 2000.
  • Biodiversity ResearchGroup of Bangladesh (BRGB) since 2001.
  • International Society of the Hymenopterists since 1994.
  • International Society for DNA Barcode of Life since2015.

Present Research Activities:

  • DNAbarcodingand Molecular Taxonomyof insects and other animals.
  • Morphological Taxonomyof Insects.
  • DigitizationandDatabasingofinsect collectionsoftheINSECTMUSEUMattheDepartment of Zoology.
  • Insect Biodiversity of Bangladesh through NGS under Global Malaise Trap Programme withBiodiversity Institute of Ontario, Canada (since 2014).
  • Biodiversity Baseline Study in Agriculture Landscapes of Khagrachari, Lalmonirhat and Kushtia,

Bangladesh – A Project funded by BATB (2018-2021).

Language Proficiency:Bangla (Mother tongue), English(Fluent in speaking & writing); and French (Poor).

Other Skills: Computer literate (including internet browsing & web development); Driving, Swimming.

Publications: 54peerreviewedpapersinscientificjournalsathomeandabroad (www.brgb.org/documents/cv

1.  Paul Hebert, Professor Canada Research Chair, Tier 1 and Director (Centre for Biodiversity Genomics), Email: 
phebert@uoguelph.ca,Phone number: 519-824-4120 x56250
2. Michal W. Gates, Entomologist, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institutions, Washigton D.C. 20560, USA.Systematic Entomology Laboratory, Acting Research Leader, michael.gates@usda.gov
Phone: (202) 633-4554
3. Md. Ismail Miah, PhD, Professor of Zoology, University of Chittagong, ismail_cu@yahoo.com, Cell: 01717055169
April, 2022


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