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  Welcome to BRGB

BRGB is a donor funded, non-government organization supporting taxonomic research in relation to biodiversity of Bangladesh by undertaking research and the development of taxonomic tools through the co-operation of experts within SACNET (South Asian Cooperation Network for Taxonomy), a part of CABI-BioNET-INTERNATIONAL. This website was launched in 2003.


  • Taxonomy in support of sustainable development and also to create technical co-operation network to assist persons and institutions to overcome taxonomic impediment by developing and becoming self-reliant in taxonomy.
  • Recognize and know the organisms that constitute our biodiversity and also the threatened species, for taxonomy's own purpose and to support intuitional and national programs on sustainable agricultural development, conservation of ecosystem and protection of the environment.
  • Conservation of the biodiversity through research and implementation of the findings as well as suggesting measures to appropriate bodies including the government.
  • Provide Training to people in relevant field of Taxonomy and Biodiversity..

BRGB has been devoted to

  • establish co-operative link in taxonomic research towards development of a national baseline information of Biodiversity.
  • organise short term training courses to build taxonomic capacity.
  • allow access to modern identification tools and databases essential and effective in capacity building.
  • collect and preserve research materials in different institutions for long term sustainability of the initiatives.


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